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Monday, August 5, 2013

Hi Everyone!

So I'm an attorney by day but at night, on weekends, and in my spare time, I write articles, blogs, and create webpages in an attempt to make some extra money.  I graduated law school with nearly $150,000 in debt and a first job out of law school paying my $530 per week for an annual salary of $27,560.  When my loans came due 9 months after graduation, I was expected to pay $1800 per month!

"Luckily," I could extend my repayment period to make the monthly payments less--although still more than I made when added to my rent, utilities, and other living expenses.  At that rate I would also be paying my loans until I'm 50.  So much for having kids, sending them to college, or buying a house.

In hopes of making extra money, I searched online for ways to make money online.  In college, I used to use paid to click sites and paid to sign-up sites to make some extra cash and earn gift cards.  They did not pay that much.  Little did I know that you can get paid to write online.  I started with eHow and soon was making $80 per month there.  I diversified to other platforms, which was smart as eHow cancelled their Writer's Compensation program.

Since then, I've been writing on multiple web 2.0 platforms and creating my own blogs trying to earn extra money both via advertising on my blogs and through affiliate marketing.  I try to write about things I'm passionate about or enjoy such as how I'm making money, pop culture/entertainment, natural remedies, gift ideas and more.  Also, anytime I have a question or find myself wondering about something and searching for an answer on the internet, after I've researched and found my answer,I write an article or blog post about it.

Anyway, after nearly four years of writing online and creating blogs, I've never had a blog dedicated to just me and my interests and thoughts.  I decided to start now.  This blog will be more about my passing thoughts and experiences with occasional links to some of my other writing platforms.  You can always follow my other blogs by clicking any of the buttons at the top of this blog.

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